Arduino Music and Sound Weekend Workshop in Berkeley


Dates: July 24 + July 25, 2010 from 10am to 5pm FULL


During this hands-on workshop we will survey Arduino platforms, libraries, shields and programming techniques for a broad range of musical and sound applications. We will learn how to synthesize useful wave shapes including square, sine, triangle and pulses, how to manage polyphony and timing and how to playback and record sampled sounds.

lilypad touch sound example

// XYZ textile pad
// (procedural abstraction)
void analogPullup(int pin, boolean activate)
  pinMode(14+pin, INPUT); // magic to active pullups 14 is the numbering of the analog pins
  digitalWrite(14+pin, activate ?  

Class Syllabi

This logs class syllabi and activities

Interactive Soft Circuits and eTextiles Workshop with Arduino Lilypad in Berkeley, California

Dates: Saturday June 26 and Sunday June 27, 2010 from 10am to 5pm


Arduino Size Matters: how many do you have?

The current growth of the Arduino platform is fueled by the many new boards that make it easier to squeeze Atmega processors and their associated peripherals into ever smaller spaces or unusual places such as clothing.

Arduino Workshop for Interactive Art Installations, Performance and Musical Instruments in Berkeley, California

Dates:Saturday May 15 and Sunday May 16, 2010

from 10am to 5pm


Portable eTextile Electronics Lab

Now that I have assembled the world's largest collection of e-textile materials and associated tools I am trying to figure out the smallest winning subset that can form a portable lab. Here is the first cut for your comments.

Dual Multitouch Pad with pressure

This controller demonstrates how most resistive touch screen systems can be modified to provide independent sensing of two positions on the surface. A single pressure measurement is also provided with a third sensing layer. A pair of SlideWide sensors ( are stuck to each other at right angles.

Pressure Sensing Illuminated Button Array

Button array music controllers have a long history. I was fortunate to meet the late great, Salvatore Martirano who pioneered the construction of large button array music synthesizers. I saw him set up and play has Salmar Construction at IRCAM in the 1980's. My modest contribution to this rich space is to enhance the illuminated button arrays (in this case from Sparkfun) with pressure sensitive resistive fabric.

Better Arduino alternatives

I don't use the stock "official" Arduino boards for my work. The $18 teensy 2.0 is smaller than any of the stock Arduinos, has more A/D pins than any of them except the Mega, has more memory, more PWM pins, full speed USB serial support and has a more accurate crystal cock instead of a resonator.

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