Arduino Music and Sound Weekend Workshop in Berkeley

Dates: July 24 + July 25, 2010 from 10am to 5pm FULL


During this hands-on workshop we will survey Arduino platforms, libraries, shields and programming techniques for a broad range of musical and sound applications. We will learn how to synthesize useful wave shapes including square, sine, triangle and pulses, how to manage polyphony and timing and how to playback and record sampled sounds.

We will write software to move gestural data from sensors to synthesis software and hardware via MIDI and Open Sound Control.

We will look at effective techniques for building musical gesture sensors including piezoelectric disk triggering, piezoresistive etextiles for pressure and touch sensing and build examples of capacitive proximity sensing for Theremin-like interfaces.

We will review my extensive collection of augmented instruments and new controllers with an eye to what techniques you can adapt to your own projects.


  • DIYers curious to expand their creative vocabulary and learn about sound and music
  • Artists seeking to add effective sound to their installations
  • Musicians augmenting traditional instruments with new sensors and actuators
  • Teachers looking to add musical projets to physical computing and tangible media curriculum


A laptop with Arduino 18 installed and an Arduino board.

Basic experience running, reading and writing simple sketches.


UC Berkeley Faculty Club


Adrian Freed: My teaching is grounded in inclusion, demystification, and embracing that teaching is judged by the quality of projects students are inspired to make.

Cost: $250