Publications (Bibliography) Workflow 2018

Here follows my workflow to produce the publication list and bibliography on

Identify a permalink to a strong, archive-quality source. This will usually be associated by a link or a DOI. Record the URL of that source in that field. If no archive-quality source is available, create one. Here are the instructions for that at UC This includes eScholarship for papers, a data repository and a source of funds.

If the source is a PDF or the source is a page with a link to a pdf, attach the pdf to the entry (if you have the rights to do this). Find your own author version as a pdf if you don't have the rights. Consider paying for the Open Access Rights.

Archive the referenced source at

Add any solid identifiers, i.e., DOI, ISBN, ISSN, The ISBN may be for the proceedings a paper is part of.

Check Authors are added correctly.

Add abstract.

Add keywords

Include full text HTML. Word and Tex will export HTML. Use the options that produce the most simplified HTML (i.e. minimum styles) Change and check the changes you need to the image URLs in the HTML to show the images.

Annotate each image with alt="" text for accessibility reasons

Follow Google Scholar recommendations for the entry to be recognized as a bibliographic entity. This is done automatically by the code in my web site.

Add page to making sure the Title html tag includes the title and some useful words to search on as doesn't provide search by content. Author names and institution are good candidates to add.

Integrate bibliographic entry into the author's home page and in a project page to provide context, e.g.,

The result of these practices are adduced in these pages:

  • (contextualized in project)
  • (shows eScholarship link)