Sound Making Technologies Ordered by Increasing Complexity/Cost/Size

The entries in this table with an * were briefly reviewed in the 3 hour workshop the 2018 eTextile Spring camp. As the table shows, these are in the middle of the affordability/complexity/size axis and were selected for their potential in e-textile and wearable contexts. We had the good fortune to have Bela well represented in another workshop at the camp. Bela is transitioning to a new compact form factor which will make it easier to use with e-textiles.
Approach Example Link
non-electronic Lamello
*Analog relaxation oscillator Textilo
Analog harmonic oscillator self-resonating VCF
*Digital relaxation oscillator Arduino Tone
*Digital relaxation oscillator Mozzi (LUT)
*Digital Modulation Synthesis Mozzi (FM)
*Digital Subtractive Synthesis Talkie (LPC Speech
and singing)
Unit Generator Library Teensy Audio Library
Sampling "Synthesis" Tone.js (Tone.Player)
Dynamically Patched Unit Generators Bela (libpd)
Dynamically Patched Unit Generators
with Image Synthesis
Analog Patched Modular Modular