John Renbourn teaches DADGAD "Sandwood down to Kyle"

Originally recorded on his "Ship of Fools" album, this song illustrates John's arranging approach where he combines three ideas: double stop harmonization on the center strings, melodic motion along the strings (instead of across), and the outer strings as pattern picked rhythmic drones. This synthesis of British Isles source material, American pattern picking, European harmony and North Indian chordophone technique is a distinctive feature of his guitar style. Here is the original song he is teaching.

Round Slide Harp

This is the third musical instrument controller I have prepared for Maker Faire. This one combines lessons learned from the previous two: the tablo e-textile controller and the large koto/guitar hybrid from last year.

Les Joies de l’Hexaphonie et les Guitares sans cordes de l’avenir

Premiere Partie
J'introduis la these paradoxale de l’identité de la guitare comme outil d’imitation sonore et musicale avec illustration historique et une exemple actuelle d'instrument imitative a base de traitement de signale hexaphonique.

Deuxieme Partie

Jimi Hendrix plays Public Saxophone in Berkeley in 1970

Jim Hendrix introduces his band at the 1970 Berkeley Community Theater concert. It is interesting and revelatory of his guitar style that he introduces himself as playing the "public saxophone".

Augmented Electric Guitar

Experimental surface sensing for fingerstyle players

The Fingerboard Instruments: Reframing Lutherie without Strings

The Fingerboard Instruments: Reframing Lutherie without Strings, Freed, Adrian , 3rd Music and Cognition Conference, 02/2010, McGill University, Montreal, (2010)

Joy of Hex and the Cordless Guitars of the Future

Joy of Hex and the Cordless Guitars of the Future, Freed, Adrian , Identites de la Guitare Electrique, 05/18/2009, Paris, France, (2009)

"El Querreque" the Huapango musical rhythm and dance steps

"Classical huapango is characterized by a complex rhythmic structure mixing duple and triple meters
which reflect the intricate steps of the dance . When the players sing ( in duo , on a falsetto tone )
the violin stops, and the zapateo ( heels rolling on the floor ) softens.
The huapango is danced by men and women as couples; the men sing, the women do not.

Plain Barre Chord in Open Tunings illustrated by Son House

The only fretted chords in this classic Son House bottleneck blues are barres with a 7th added on the high string.

G Major
C Major
D Major
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