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Specification Mining For Machine Improvisation With Formal Specifications, Valle, Rafael, Donzé Alexandre, Fremont Daniel, Akkaya Ilge, Seshia Sanjit, Freed Adrian, and Wessel David , ACM : Computers in Entertainment (Musical Metacreation), 2016, Volume 14 Issue 3, (2016) Abstract  Download: msm16.pdf (795.48 KB)
Batera : Drummer Agent with Style Learning and Interpolation, Valle, Rafael, and Freed Adrian , Study Day On Computer Simulation Of Musical Creativity, 27/06/2015, University of Huddersfield, UK, (2015) Abstract
Learning and Visualizing Music Specifications Using Pattern Graphs, Valle, Rafael, J. Fremont Daniel, Akkaya Ilge, Donze Alexandre, Freed Adrian, and S. Seshia Sanjit , International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, 2016, New York, (2016) Abstract  Download: 280_Paper.pdf (972.85 KB)
An XML-based SDIF Stream Relationships Language, Wright, Matthew, Chaudhary Amar, Freed Adrian, Khoury Sami, Wessel David, and Momeni Ali , International Computer Music Conference, Berlin, Germany, p.186-189, (2000) Abstract
Open Sound Control: A New Protocol for Communicating with Sound Synthesizers, Wright, Matthew, and Freed Adrian , International Computer Music Conference (ICMC), 1997, Thessaloniki, Hellas, p.101-104, (1997) Abstract  Download: open-soundcontrol-a-new-protocol-for-communicating-with.pdf (53.44 KB)
Open Sound Control: State of the Art 2003, Wright, Matthew, Freed Adrian, and Momeni Ali , International Conference on New Interfaces for Musical Expression, Montreal, p.153-159, (2003) Abstract
New Musical Control Structures from Standard Gestural Controllers, Wright, Matthew, Wessel David, and Freed Adrian , International Computer Music Conference, 1997, Thessaloniki, Hellas, p.387-390, (1997) Abstract
Control of VST Plug-ins Using OSC, Zbyszynski, Michael, and Freed Adrian , International Computer Music Conference, Barcelona, Spain, p.263-266, (2005) Abstract