Experimental Collective Experience

Title Experimental Collective Experience
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsSha, Xin Wei, Solomonova Elizaveta, Freed Adrian, Veissière Samuel, Formis Barbara, and MacCallum John
Conference LocationUC Irvine
Keywordscollective, entrainment, entrainment,, environment, experience,pre-individual, gestural, media, media,, movement, neurophenomenology, of, performance, phenomenology,, philosophy, realtime, responsive, rhythm, subjectivity,non-anthropocentric, temporality, timebased
Abstract We present different examples of experimentally varying collective experience in order to understand phenomena or qualities of experience such as embodiment, sense of other, pre-individual subjectivity, rhythm and entrainment, ethico-aesthetic improvisation in unmarked performative events.This includes methodological matters such as • Distinguising between varying the conditions or situation of an environment versus the specific actions or series of fine-grained sub-events in an occasion.• Eliciting shared (“objective”) accounts of experience from a group of participants without over-determining their account with prior schema• Varying timebased responsive media in ways that mediate concerted tacit engagement.• Sha Xin Wei will present works on the sense of dynamic, change, rhythm, that simultaneously constitute a non-reductive experimental approach to temporality, and a non-anthropocentric concept of ethico-aesthetic play. This includes time-conditioning installations, and studies of vegetal experience in philosophy and dance.