Semblance Typology of Entrainments

These english words are built from Greek or Latin prefixes for "same" or "together" or "with". There are many others still to be explored, e.g.,

synonym - together in meaning

synorogeny - form boundaries

conclude- close together

symptosis - fall together

symptomatic - happening together

symphesis - growing together

sympatria - in the same region

symmetrophilic - lover of collecting in pairs

synaleiphein - melt together

For an evaluation of various mathematical formalizations inspired by this entrainment work, check out this paper: The ASU team successfully quantify the advantages of metrics such as the one I suggested (HyperComplex Signal Correlation) for dancing bodies where correlated rotations and displacement are in play.

Thanks to:

  • My mentor Georgia Psyllidou.
  • Eric Lewis who wrote a paper that introduces Stoic chemistry with a reflection on coextensively of gin and tonic.
  • Another greek friend and colleague, Vangelis Lympouridis, who reflects on some of these words here