Implementation and Applications of Open Sound Control Timestamps

TitleImplementation and Applications of Open Sound Control Timestamps
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2008
AuthorsSchmeder, Andy, and Freed Adrian
Conference NameICMC 2008
Date Published25/08/2008
Conference LocationBelfast, Ireland
Abstract The background, purpose, and function of Open Sound Control (OSC) timestamps is reviewed. An analysis shows that jitter-induced noise with dispersion over the millisecond range significantly degrades real-time highresolution sensor signal streams. The design of a distributed clock synchronization and event scheduling domain over an asynchronous network is described. A realization of this model is presented, created using the new micro-OSC (uOSC) hardware platform and host software components in MaxMSP. An OSC address schema for client-server clock synchronization is documented. Two new objects for MaxMSP are introduced: OSC-timetag and OSC-schedule.