eTextile class with Lilypad

 First Day

Soft Circuits 101:

  • power
  • lights and switches
  • resistors and Ohm's law

Rapid Protoyping techniques:

  • fabric-friendly clips
  • lilypad clips
  • iron-on conductive fabric
  • conductive tape, thread and etextile connections

Fabrics, and thread materials review

  • Gold, silver and copper-plated weaves
  • Silver and copper based threads
  • Stainless steel based wool
  • Conductive velcro
  • Conductive polymer infused fabrics

Lunch Break (optional short UC Berkeley walking tour and group lunch)

Lilypad Introduction: what you can do with the fast software controlled switches built into the pins

Single digital pin tricks:

  •  Proximity and Touch sensing
  • PWM for audio, motor and light speed control 
  • Serial communications (asynchronous)

Dual digital pin tricks

  • powering circuits
  • multiplexing resistive sensors
  • H bridge direction control
  • serial communcations (synchronous)
  • SPI
  • I2C

Analog pins and converting sensed signals into voltages:

  •  using the built-in pull up resistors
  • using current sources 
  • potential divider
  • signal conditioning

Second Day

Programming 101:

  • The mechanics of creating and running programs on the Lilypad
  • Programs are just recipes in shorthand (computer scientists like to use big words like abstraction, and data types)
  • Sequencing, repeating, decision points
  • Storing, recalling information
  • Manipulating the pins


Organizing programs

  • functions
  • libraries

Interactivity Programming

  • Conditioning Information from Sensors
  • Led arrays
  • Sound and vibration
  • Fabric motion synthesis

Open Workshop


Additional eTextile classes?

This class looks wonderful! I wish I could make it. I hope you offer it again soon - I would love to experiment with some new materials! - Sarah Soriano