Arduino Size Matters: how many do you have?

The current growth of the Arduino platform is fueled by the many new boards that make it easier to squeeze Atmega processors and their associated peripherals into ever smaller spaces or unusual places such as clothing.

Neather hoarding or fetishism explain my large and growing collection of Arduinos (official and unofficial) - I use them to test the sketches and libraries that I share and to teach people how to pick the best one for their applications in my Arduino Workshops.

For most of my own work on musical instrument controllers I gravitate towards the teensy and teensy++. I use the relatively compact Seeeduino mega when I really need a lot of pins.

Arduino Nano: on breadboard

Arduino Nano: on breadboard with FTDI cable

Bluetooth Arduino

Bluetooth Arduino

Early Arduinos

Early Arduinos



Seeeduino and carrier: more

Seeeduino and carrier: more power supply options

Arduino Mega

Arduino Mega

Seeeduino Mega: same size as

Seeeduino Mega: same size as basic Arduino and more pins brought out than Arduino Mega

Sparkfun Skinny: battery

Sparkfun Skinny: battery connection

Lilypad: sewable connections

Lilypad: sewable connections for etextile applications

Funnel I/O: battery charger

Funnel I/O: battery charger and socket for XBee

Stickuino: quick connect into

Stickuino: quick connect into USB port

Sparkfun 9DOF Razor: gyro,

Sparkfun 9DOF Razor: gyro, compass, accelerometer and battery connector

Teensy++: 8-channels of A/D,

Teensy++: 8-channels of A/D, lots of PWM, fast USB

Teensy: built-in and very

Teensy: built-in and very fast USB, 13 channels of A/D

Pololu: Baby Orangutan -

Pololu: Baby Orangutan - includes motor controller

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