Tablo Textile Sensing Description

Position is sensed by measuring the resistance of each ring of 16 conductive plastic strips around the bowl. The resistance is lowered as the draped conductive fabric shorts out more of a section of the strip. Pressure is sensed using the piezoresistive fabric strips around the annulus surrounding the bowl. Each piezoresistive strip sits on a segment of conductive fabric taped to the acrylic base. The resistance between this conductor and the ground potential is established by the conductive draped fabric in contact with the conductive gold tape at the top of the bowl.


Embroidery Hoop holding by AdrianFreed
Piezoresistive non-woven by AdrianFreed
Conductive Stretch by AdrianFreed
Grounded Gold Fabric Tape by AdrianFreed
Shorted Resistive Strip by AdrianFreed