Wake Up Call

John Mayall mp3

Released: 1993

1 Mail Order Mystics
2 Maydell
3 I Could Cry
4 Wake Up Call
5 Loaded Dice
6 Undercover Agent For The Blues
7 Light The Fuse
8 Anything I Can Say
9 Rature's Disappearing
10 I'm A Sucker For Love
11 Not At Home
12 Ain't That Lover You Baby

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Reviews from Amazon.com Customers

One of the best of Mayall version 2
As a Mayall fan of the original albums, I added John Mayall's albums back into the fold after 'Sense of Place' and I have every one since. 'Wake up call' is memorable for many reasons not the least for the guitar of Coco Montoya and Mick Taylor. The stand out tracks include 'Nature Disappearing' a rework of an earlier Mayall track which features the magical playing of Coco Montoya and 'Not at home' a great song featuring Mick Taylor. Also check out the live album 'Life in the jungle' as possibly the best Mayall album.

Coco Montoya shines
The best reason to buy this cd is to hear the guitar playing of Coco Montoya, Mayall's fabulous lead guitarist. Check out the soloing in songs like Maydell. Montoya is as smooth and fast as Eric Clapton playing the blues. A great addition to any blues collection.

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