MP3 Players Integrated in Boomboxes, CD players and Digital Cameras

The electronics necessary to decode MP3's is now so cheap it is being integrated in a wide range of devices. Here we focus on portable boomboxes, CD players and Digital Cameras.
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Amazon has a very good price on the Memorex MP3124 Portable CD Player Boombox with MP3 and Cassette player. That's a lot of features for $67.99.

MP3 CD Players

I had a bad experience with a cheaper brand of MP3 CD player. The iRiver products get good reviews from Amazon customers:

Digital Cameras with MP3 players

Many of the cameras that came out with MP3 features last year are discontinued. It seems this feature didn't really catch on. One manufacturer figured out a compelling solution, the Fuji Finepix. The winning strategy was to put a great mp3 player into a good campact camera with enough resoluation to be useful. My teenage daughter loves hers.

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