%0 Conference Paper %B Pervasive 2011 %D 2011 %T Pervasive Cameras: Making Sense of Many Angles using Radial Basis Function Interpolation and Salience Analysis %A Mann, Yotam %A Freed, Adrian %C San Francisco, CA %U http://cnmat.org/files/attachments/pervasivecameras_formatted2.pdf %X This paper describes situations which lend themselves to the use of numerous cameras and techniques for displaying many camera streams simultaneously. The focus here is on the role of the “director” in sorting out the onscreen content in an artistic and understandable manner. We describe techniques which we have employed in a system designed for capturing and displaying many video feeds incorporating automated and high level control of the composition on the screen. %8 12/06/2011 %> http://www.adrianfreed.com/sites/default/files/telematic.png %> http://www.adrianfreed.com/sites/default/files/mango.png %> http://www.adrianfreed.com/sites/default/files/salad.png %> http://www.adrianfreed.com/sites/default/files/Cilantro.png