%0 Conference Paper %B FARM2016 %D 2016 %T o.OM: Structured-Functional Communication between Computer Music Systems using OSC and Odot %A Bresson, Jean %A MacCallum, John %A Freed, Adrian %C Nara, Japan %I ACM %X O.—odot—is a portable media programming framework based on the OSC data encoding. It embeds a small expression language en-abling writing and execution of programs in OSC structures. We present recent works and experiments using this framework in the OpenMusic computer-aided composition environment. This inte-gration of programming in data transfer protocols enables original experiments with structured communication in media systems: pro-gram snippets can be distributed as OSC messages, which evaluate to further OSC messages in the different communicating software packages. We illustrate via case studies some advantages of such integrated system in terms of the functional expressivity, as well as the ef?ciency gained in the communication through declarative functional descriptions embedded in the transferred data.