%0 Conference Paper %B Audio Engineering Society 107th Convention %D 1999 %T Visualization, Editing and Spatialization of Timbral Resources using the OSE Framework %A Chaudhary, Amar %A Freed, Adrian %C New York, NY %I Audio Engineering Society %K OSE, spatialization %P preprint #5027 %U http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/publication/visualization_editing_and_spatialization_timbral_resources_using_ose_framework %X OpenSoundEdit is a sound-editing system that provides a unified three-dimensional user interface to edit complex sounds composed from different representations. Sounds are mapped onto a single three-dimensional space representing time, amplitude and a view-dependent third dimension (e.g., frequency, channel number, etc.) Sounds can be edited by direct manipulation on the 3D display window or by using additional representation-specific controls. Users can also model the 3D location and movement of sounds in a room. As the user edits sounds, changes can be heard through a synthesis server, an application that generates sound in response to commands supplied by OSE. OSE is implemented using extensible, multi-platform technologies. This paper illustrates the features of OSE with examples of several sound representations.