%0 Conference Paper %B International Computer Music Conference %D 2000 %T An Open Architecture for Real-time Music Software %A Chaudhary, Amar %A Freed, Adrian %A Wright, Matthew %C Berlin, Germany %I International Computer Music Association %P 492-495 %U http://cnmat.berkeley.edu/publication/open_architecture_real_time_music_software %X Open Sound World (OSW) is a scalable, extensible object-oriented language that allows sound designers and musicians to process sound in response to expressive real-time control. OSW allows users to develop at different levels, including visual patching, XML editing, scripting and high-level C++. Components called transforms are combined to form programs called patches. The set of included transforms can be extended using the ?Externalizer,? a tool for writing high-level specifications of new transforms. The OSW real-time scheduler supports a uniform timing model for all components and symmetric multiprocessing.